Results of The Hello! Project International Fan Survey

Thank you to everyone who participated in our first Hello! Project International Survey, the response was amazing with over 3000 votes worldwide. Morning Musume ’14 took the honours with over 58% of the votes, while the most Hello! Project fans representing was from the United States.


Detailed results with map and charts are here: Thank you JPH!P Senior Correspondent Site Guru, Slack for setting it all up. This has been an amazing learning experience that will benefit H!P Fans worldwide.

HAPPY 9th Birthday JPHiP!

Nine YEARS. It’s unbelievable how we grown and stayed together for this long, let’s go make more memories! February 22nd weekend, when we give THANKS TO YOU, DA HiPSTAZ for making JPH!P THE BEST PLACE IN ALL DA LAND.

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This year, we mourned ultimate HiPster Fushigidane yet continue to soldier on for our fallen brethren marimari, Jabronisaur, and ChrNo. They would want it that way to build JPHiP into what we are today. From reporting from live events to expanding our fandoms to whatever we want. This what makes us stand out from all the rest, the HiPsterhood we make shit look so good. Our PARTIES LEGENDARY!! Expect more new and exciting developments on the main site, forum, and MORE!! WORLD TOURS MEET UPS HOOK UPS you name it, we’re doing it.


The Hello! Project International Fan Survey

We have been commissioned to come up with statistics on which group Hello! Project Fans like (if you could only choose ONE) and where they are located. We’ll give this information back to Hello! Project Management so they can have an idea of where to go next! Just click on the SURVEY

The Hello! Project International Fan Survey

WE want to hear from YOU.

Coming off the heels of events in 2013 where we saw LoVendoR and You Kikkawa come to America, this is an exciting time for overseas fans like YOU so make your voice heard!

Comments or Feedback? Hit up The Forum!

The Watanabe Mayu Foreign Fans 20th Birthday Project

On the 26th March 2014, Watanabe Mayu turns 20!

On the 26th March 2014, Watanabe Mayu turns 20!

1. To mark and celebrate her birthday, we are going to create a scrapbook from the foreign fans which will be given to Mayu along with the gifts from the Japanese birthday committee at Mayu’s Team A birthday show (the date of which is still yet to be determined but could be weeks after her actual birthday).

For the scrapbook we want to collect messages, fanart, drawings, photos etc – whatever you want to send to Mayuyu, get creative!

For all messages, we plan to translate them into Japanese so Mayu can read them. We shall be incorporating the text in your original language as well as translated into Japanese. If you also want to include a hand-written message, then you can take a photo or scan that and send it in.

Send all entries to

Submission Deadline:

    26th February 2014

(one month before Mayu’s birthday)
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VAMPS 2013 US Tour Announced

VAMPS (HYDE of L’Arc~en~Ciel and K.A.Z of Oblivion Dust) is back! Japan’s most daring rock duo is coming back to the U.S. after a successful Europe tour. They will be holding two live concerts in December (see details and Ticketmaster links below). The last time VAMPS played in the U.S. was in 2010 during their ‘VAMPS LIVE 2010 BEAST WORLD TOUR‘. Don’t miss the chance to see these extremely talented rock stars perform LIVE in the US!

Dec 4th (Wed) – House of Blues, LA
Dec 8th (Sun) – Roseland Ballroom, NY

Source: Press Release

Edmonton Expo 2013 – BACK! And BIGGER BETTER THAN EVER!

Edmonton’s show for everything pop culture returned bigger and better than ever with more exhibitors artists writers performers packing the weekend.  The fans did not disappoint as cosplay was taken to the next level, and who better to share the experience than OH! Jessica Nigri who appeared on behalf of the fine folks at Cherry Sauce Clothing!!


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JPHiP Interview: 1000say @ Japan Expo USA

The members of 1000say (from left to right) keyboardist MICHELLE, bassist API, guitarist MAN, and drummer NON

The members of 1000say (from left to right) keyboardist MICHELLE, bassist API, guitarist MAN, and drummer NON flash the JPHiP sign.

The Japanese indie band 1000say (A THOUSAND SAY) made their US debut at the first Japan Expo USA, held on August 23rd-25th in Santa Clara, California. Undoubtedly the coolest musical guests in attendance, 1000say has been featured at Japan Expo since 2011′s Japan Expo Paris. JPHiP’s Tris-chan and Slack caught up to the band on the last day of the convention to interview their members, vocalist/guitarist MAN, vocalist/bassist API, keyboardist MICHELLE, and drummer NON.

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JPHiP Interview: Kikkawa You @ Japan Expo USA

Kikkawa You at Japan Expo USA

Solo idol and former member of Hello! Project Kikkawa You, a.k.a. Kikka, was chosen to be the official reporter for the very first Japan Expo USA held from August 23rd to 25th in Santa Clara, California. After JPHiP interviewed Kikka at Anime Weekend Atlanta and Japan Expo in Brussels last year, Tris-chan and Slack got another chance to catch up with the beautiful young songstress.

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