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ChrNo, Tama-sama Fanclub President

C'est ChrNo aka Jennifer Tam - the girl from France. IT'S A TRAP! Berryz fan and Buono supporter, she drew many drawings of Miyabi and populated the JPH!P Forums with her witty puns and illustrations. She was the President of The Tama-chan fanclub, and we'd all follow her lead in creeping tama out. ChrNo would never hesitate to contributing artistically to JPH!P, in drawings, song and dance. She designed many banners and our mascot, the little ass guy back in 2007:

Badass Mascot by ChrNo

When the task was to record a JPH!P Version of Morning Musume's "Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari" for JPH!P's 5th Anniversary, ChrNo stepped up to the plate and wrote, sang, and arranged several verses for HiPstaz

On April 26, 2011, we were stunned to learn the news that she had left us, just a day after Berryz held their first appearance and concert overseas. We will continue her legacy, representing the Berryz and H!P fandom in a positive manner through humour. "Za Story of Noisy HiPstaz" is officially adopted as The JPH!P National Anthem as we keep singing and dancing for you ChrNo <3

sad ChrNo...missing you for TEN years :(

April 26, 2021, 08:24:29 AM by daigong
These are the times I dread, because the pain will never go away. Ten Years. A Whole Fucking Decade since we lost our friend, the ultimate Fan Girl Funny and Vibrant, Jennifer "ChrNo" Tam. Here's where I cut and paste her story and tell you to go visit her posts and blog (her profile:;u=4513 blog: and that she will forever live on in our hearts. This moment back at New York New Jersey Anime Expo where our crew from :hipheart: interviewed Berryz!! LMFAO. And I shopped it real good

I want you all to know this special person because well, I considered a great friend. Bringing people together. Skyping before all this Zoom bullshit! Fanfics, funny comics people call memes nowadays! Hilarious Posts. Random IRC chats before all this Whatsapp!! Get off MY LAWN!! ChrNO MY HOMEGIRL!! LOL

Please. It is OK to be not OK. Mental Health has never been more critical in these days of the covid-19 pandemic. Please be Fucking Safe. We need to reach out to others and speak out. It brings me much joy to see everyone interacting in whatever medium there is be it discord, IRC, twitch, twitter, even fucking Animal Crossing. There is no way we cannot reach out and touch someone in these non touching covid times. We WILL be together hugging each other once again SCIENCE WINS!! for ALL THE DEETS!!
We all have anxiety or mental fatigue from the covid-19 outbreak, we can't talk people in real life, life is mundane but hey we will get through this. We can all cum together and pull through. And when you need help, please please do not hesitate to reach out. And when you see those who need help, reach the fuck out!!! We in it together!

I know I should practice what I preach, fucking holing myself up in my Home Office grinding out shit as I work pressure gets to me but them assholes at work under pressure too with finances and not enough sex at home, who the fuck knows. We must be all be compassionate and find that common ground. Not to let external shit get to you and come together in the most positive and spiritual way, whatever you need to have that clarity - get the help and talk to someone!!

BIG SHOUT OUT to PEG SHEETY Fucking JPHiP Discord SUPER REI CHAN TDUCK for the RAndom Tweets. Pudding Poking me on FitBit XD FUCKING Stryferr holding it down MASA what's good WUTANG!! LOVE Y'ALL Fuck I think I'm gonna do the radio next weekend ...or one of these weekends. MASSIVE Pour A Little Liquor. But Def. I'm gonna PLAY DAT ANTHEM !!! Sing it ChrNO!!!!

Warms my heart every time I hear that ghetto quality sound. Oh man she'd record shit off the phone for us, whip up art NO FUCKS GIVEN** that ending is the Radio splitter she made where in Cantonese she goes "Hello? What are you saying? Say it then BYE BYE!!" Fuckin so versatile, a true artist and fuck I wish I met her in real life.

Here is a collection of all her art and music at

ROCK DA SHIRT to represent and benefit mental health awareness. Read about it.

I have the XXXclusive face mask (see my FB gram too lazy to post and my key board is wack) that I made back in July 2020 and its a little tight XD but HEY! MASK THE FUCK UP!!

 Always in our hearts, Lil Siu Pang Yau (Cantonese for Lil Buddy) SACREBLEU!! Thank you to all her friends for sharing her life with us nach, zigg CAPTAIN POWER!!! words, and sh1buya :heart:

What your thoughts? How are you pulling through mentally? It hits us in many ways, and fuck, everyone stay safe. We wanna see each other again in 2022. GET DA JAB!!! :hip smile:
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sad CHRNO!! WE MISS YOU!! Six Years Later...

April 26, 2017, 01:36:54 PM by daigong
Pouring a little liquor.... Six years ago on April 26 we lost our little buddy ChrNo - Legendary HiPster:

She is the creator of the JPHiP Mascot ...the one in the centre :hip bleh:

Massive H!P Berryz Buono! Fangirl artist fanfic fan extrodinaire (ART! we gave to Berryz in Seattle in 2011, also from her blog

Singer songwriter of the JPHiP National Anthem! MAN! She was always down to help out and make :hipheart: GREAT!

But I can't sugarcoat it or hide the fact. To still after six years not even come to grips or understand how her mental health lead to her death by suicide, continues to keep me to keep exploring, trying to wrap my mind around how to help those in need.

These posts and this pouring of liquor is just a reminder of what a special lady ChrNo was and to ALWAYS always keep those close to you close and look out for each other, the JPH!P Positive Way! LISTEN. LEARN. To know that she had some of her funnest times around here gives me some solace. I really appreciate those close to her who have shared their thoughts over the years and the forums is a history book that will forever keep her memory alive.

Do I have regrets? Of course I do, but do not beat yourself up over it. Of course we could have spent more time with her, but we cannot change the past. Not that I am saying I have or ever will accept the loss, but we must do our best to make sure we live our lives to honour her, not avoid or hide, and make sure she is smiling that we are pimping and having fun and singing and dancing making others enjoy the punny ways of life!!!!

This is not fun to do but this is a special forum. How we come together during the highest highs and lowest of lows. This is COMMUNITY that cannot be fucked with. THIS IS JPHiP BABE

I encourage those who were close to come together and carry on and do great things because ChrNo would have wanted you to. Thank you nach, pika, shirenu for speaking up. I know up there in heaven, marimari, Jabronisaur and these two lovely ladies ChrNo and Fushigaine are smiling down upon us:

AND THIS IS WHY I GRIND!!! FOR :hipheart: THERE IS NO OTHER!!! Well, maybe the one who pays my paycheck BUT THAT PAYCHECK goes to :hipeart:  :hip devil:

Honour her and wear your Official ChrNo Memorial T-shirt (available at - all proceeds go to Mental Health Charities ($3.10 per shirt) will go to Mental Health Awareness charities based in France and worldwide:

DISCUSS. Mental Health Issues, let us communicate with one another because you are not alone. I went through some mental health first aid training last year and shit was DEEP. Fuckin. I still don't know so let's help each other:

If you have any thoughts or comments, LIKE WHAT THE FUCK WOULD SHE THINK OF MIYAB'S NEW GROUP PINK CRES. ITS SO JPH!PPPPPP so post here so please do not hesitate to drop us a line via PM, twitter, we always here. :jphip:

Gonna pour another :xo: FOR YA CHRNO!!!! JPHiP FOLYFE!!! MAN!! GOT MY SHIT TOGETHER!! HELPIN OTHERS WE GOTS TO DO!!! :hip smile:

Fuck. I might even do some radio. Wow our listeners are through the roof! MAN would she be proud!  :deco: <- she suggested we add this emoticon, cuz it ... looked like fucking? XD
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thumbup Missin You ChrNo <3...five years later

April 26, 2016, 05:53:49 PM by daigong
2011. Five years ago. That morning April 26, I laid stunned in the LA hotel, from the triumph that was Berryz in Seattle, laid the mourning of my homie ChrNo.

She would have been so proud of the fan meetings and interviews we have done since then. What does it truly mean to be a fan? A fan can be all types: the casual, the hardcore, the ChrNo.

The one who draws (as seen in H!P threads and her blog which is still up:

sings the JPH!P National Anthem:

 posts punny jokes:

loves fanfics, and brings da whole fuckin community a big ass smile with her creation:  :hip smile:

This is what it means to be a HiPster. JPH!P Embodies just being YOSELF.

ChrNo had issues. Her suicide left us shocked to this very day. We carry on this JPH!P Flag for her and continue to represent fandom for her.

I had a classmate this semester who went through different stages of paranoia, had to take pills, the whole school fuckin depressed the hell outta him. He reached out and I tried to give him the best advice, to get away from the negativity and do what's happy. Was I doing enough? Was JPH!P enough for ChrNo to channel her creative talents - we being online it feels helpless...but just showing we were there. To have her during that tiny window, we are grateful. 
Speak out on experiences with Mental Health issues and it will help others deal:

Wear your ChrNo shirt proudly BUY your shirts and show your support for Mental Health and ChrNo's Legacy (available at - all proceeds go to Mental Health Charities ($3.10 per shirt) will go to Mental Health Awareness charities based in France and worldwide:

And through it all. Take this is another reminder: take the time to reach out to those who are a friend, a family member, a stranger on the street. Reach out. Because you never know what tomorrow brings. Life good or bad happens, enjoy the moment we have together right now. Don't waste a second of it or live your life wishing you coulda shoulda woulda. As two of my best bros deal with their loss of their father, we need to cherish those around us every single day.

I cherish the times I had talking to ChrNo online. Calling up Jabronisaur cuz I hadn't heard from him in a while. Clicking on marimari's links of pretty idols. Or going to the fair with Fushi in Finland. Shit I will never forget. This is why we pour a little liquor. JPH!P remembers.....

For those new in JPH!P, this is what ChrNo's meant to us: and a collection of past tributes:

Please share your memories about ChrNo so we can continue to relive the moments and show new HiPstaz what a wonderful girl she was!!!

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smiley ChrNo <3 Missin U Four Years...

April 25, 2015, 09:04:01 PM by daigong
JPHiP's 20,000th thread is dedicated to my special little friend:

Just seems like yesterday don't it. Four years ago today on April 26, DAT Homegirl ChrNo passed away. With The Berryz Fangirling, With The :hip smile: emoticons creation, With The Berry Punny Posts, With The Fanfics Reppin, With The STRAIGHT REALEST Definition of Being An Awesome HiPster. ChrNo's loss continues to leave us with a huge hole in our heart, as we carry on her legacy in everything we do. We are so proud to have her as a member of The FAM and Friend to all.
We knew she had issues, and that she spent times in the hospital. What hurts the most, is that we were so helpless to help her. For a community of 10 years, losing four equally amazing HiPstaz in marimari, Jabronisaur, ChrNo and Fushigidane - seems shocking. But we a tight knit group and these get magnified. Without these HiPstaz and HiPstaz like YOU, we are not where we are today.

That is why I plead to you - do not hold back, speak out on your experiences with Mental Health issues and it will help others deal:

Looking back though, being there for her - giving her an outlet to channel her creative energy was the best we could do. To be bestowed upon her beautiful artwork and funny posts, her enthusiastic singing and drawing the iconic :hip smile: - we are truly blessed.

Wear your ChrNo shirt proudly BUY your shirts and show your support for Mental Health and ChrNo's Legacy (available at - all proceeds go to Mental Health Charities ($3.10 per shirt) will go to Mental Health Awareness charities based in France and worldwide:

NEW for 2015. Thanks to the Spreadshirt Design Team, they created a cleaner bigger :hip smile: version for shirts and other merchandise so you can REP ChrNo ERRDAY in Men's Lady's versions.

ACT NOW: Free standard shipping for two or more items From April 28th – May 5th, 2015
Coupon Code: FREE2LOVE

To see HiPstaz react to ChrNo's passing shows how much she is loved:

Please share your memories about ChrNo so we can continue to relive the moments and show new HiPstaz what a wonderful girl she was!!!

ChrNo called me dai-tan. Like a cute way instead of saying "chan" but more like brother that was her thing. Puns. Jokes with multiple meanings. This is why we keep the :hipheart: fire burning. Every Morning Musume interview, every Berryz DVD appearance, every Hello! Project milestone like Kikka reacting to da :hipheart: sign - we know ChrNo is high above smiling! singing! dancing! NOW SING ALONG TO THE SONG!!


xx ChrNo, 我們想念你 we miss you...3 years

April 26, 2014, 04:11:25 PM by daigong
This day on April 26, we mark the third year since we lost our Dear Friend ChrNo. Berryz Miyabi Fangirl Supreme, Pun Enthusiast, Artist of our :hip smile: emoticons, Fanfic regular, Singer, Overall Legendary HiPster. She will never be forgotten.

So get your shirts and REPRAZENT. (available at - all proceeds go to Mental Health Charities ($3.10 per shirt) will go to Mental Health Awareness charities based in France and worldwide: Spread Mental Health Awareness and DISCUSS. ( let's help each other:


I'm a go out and represent, keepin the great mood of :hipheart: FO LIFE WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO??  :jphip:

ChrNo's 1st AlbumChrNo's 1st Album

ChrNo's sig
President of the Tama-chan Fanclub

ChrNo's sig
You can see her works in her blog:

We continue to honour her by singing Za Story of Noisy HiPstaz and supporting Berryz / Buono to the fullest. More threads can be found in the...