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ChrNo, Tama-sama Fanclub President

C'est ChrNo aka Jennifer Tam - the girl from France. IT'S A TRAP! Berryz fan and Buono supporter, she drew many drawings of Miyabi and populated the JPH!P Forums with her witty puns and illustrations. She was the President of The Tama-chan fanclub, and we'd all follow her lead in creeping tama out. ChrNo would never hesitate to contributing artistically to JPH!P, in drawings, song and dance. She designed many banners and our mascot, the little ass guy back in 2007:

Badass Mascot by ChrNo

When the task was to record a JPH!P Version of Morning Musume's "Joshi Kashimashi Monogatari" for JPH!P's 5th Anniversary, ChrNo stepped up to the plate and wrote, sang, and arranged several verses for HiPstaz

On April 26, 2011, we were stunned to learn the news that she had left us, just a day after Berryz held their first appearance and concert overseas. We will continue her legacy, representing the Berryz and H!P fandom in a positive manner through humour. "Za Story of Noisy HiPstaz" is officially adopted as The JPH!P National Anthem as we keep singing and dancing for you ChrNo <3

smiley ChrNo <3 Missin U Four Years...

April 25, 2015, 09:04:01 PM by daigong
JPHiP's 20,000th thread is dedicated to my special little friend:

Just seems like yesterday don't it. Four years ago today on April 26, DAT Homegirl ChrNo passed away. With The Berryz Fangirling, With The :hip smile: emoticons creation, With The Berry Punny Posts, With The Fanfics Reppin, With The STRAIGHT REALEST Definition of Being An Awesome HiPster. ChrNo's loss continues to leave us with a huge hole in our heart, as we carry on her legacy in everything we do. We are so proud to have her as a member of The FAM and Friend to all.
We knew she had issues, and that she spent times in the hospital. What hurts the most, is that we were so helpless to help her. For a community of 10 years, losing four equally amazing HiPstaz in marimari, Jabronisaur, ChrNo and Fushigidane - seems shocking. But we a tight knit group and these get magnified. Without these HiPstaz and HiPstaz like YOU, we are not where we are today.

That is why I plead to you - do not hold back, speak out on your experiences with Mental Health issues and it will help others deal:

Looking back though, being there for her - giving her an outlet to channel her creative energy was the best we could do. To be bestowed upon her beautiful artwork and funny posts, her enthusiastic singing and drawing the iconic :hip smile: - we are truly blessed.

Wear your ChrNo shirt proudly BUY your shirts and show your support for Mental Health and ChrNo's Legacy (available at - all proceeds go to Mental Health Charities ($3.10 per shirt) will go to Mental Health Awareness charities based in France and worldwide:

NEW for 2015. Thanks to the Spreadshirt Design Team, they created a cleaner bigger :hip smile: version for shirts and other merchandise so you can REP ChrNo ERRDAY in Men's Lady's versions.

ACT NOW: Free standard shipping for two or more items From April 28th – May 5th, 2015
Coupon Code: FREE2LOVE

To see HiPstaz react to ChrNo's passing shows how much she is loved:

Please share your memories about ChrNo so we can continue to relive the moments and show new HiPstaz what a wonderful girl she was!!!

ChrNo called me dai-tan. Like a cute way instead of saying "chan" but more like brother that was her thing. Puns. Jokes with multiple meanings. This is why we keep the :hipheart: fire burning. Every Morning Musume interview, every Berryz DVD appearance, every Hello! Project milestone like Kikka reacting to da :hipheart: sign - we know ChrNo is high above smiling! singing! dancing! NOW SING ALONG TO THE SONG!!


xx ChrNo, 我們想念你 we miss you...3 years

April 26, 2014, 04:11:25 PM by daigong
This day on April 26, we mark the third year since we lost our Dear Friend ChrNo. Berryz Miyabi Fangirl Supreme, Pun Enthusiast, Artist of our :hip smile: emoticons, Fanfic regular, Singer, Overall Legendary HiPster. She will never be forgotten.

So get your shirts and REPRAZENT. (available at - all proceeds go to Mental Health Charities ($3.10 per shirt) will go to Mental Health Awareness charities based in France and worldwide: Spread Mental Health Awareness and DISCUSS. ( let's help each other:


I'm a go out and represent, keepin the great mood of :hipheart: FO LIFE WHAT ARE YOU GONNA DO??  :jphip:

xx ChrNo, we miss you...two years

April 26, 2013, 02:31:37 PM by daigong
Today, April 26 marks two years since we lost our dear friend ChrNo - Berryz Fangirl, artist, singer, definitive HiPster. You are a source of inspiration of pure fangirlism and creativity that we will never see the likes again. I know she is smiling in heaven when JPHiP Crew interviewed the girls in NJ last year:

She is the creator of the JPHiP Mascot singer songwriter of the JPHiP National Anthem, ChrNo was a dear friend and Legendary HiPster: :deco:

To learn of the news that afternoon that she had committed suicide, after we repped her artwork for all of Berryz to see in Seattle is something I will never forget. Her long battle with mental illness had come to an end, she had found peace.

Honour her by rocking your Official ChrNo Memorial T-shirt (available at - all proceeds go to Mental Health Charities ($3.10 per shirt) will go to Mental Health Awareness charities based in France and worldwide:

with Mental Heath Awareness green variant designed by Koei. If you have a design idea to submit, feel free to holler at daigong

DISCUSS. Mental Health Issues (and soon at let's help each other:

END THE STIGMA. SPEAK UP. If you have any opinions, feel free to holler here there everywhere. This is JPHiP BABE!

Miss you, Siu Pung Yau. So raise our glasses UP! Get the discussion going. We will always bring the GREAT MOOD THRU SONG LAUGHTER and BERRYZ to :hipheart: 
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lamp ChrNo Remembrance year later (CALLING ALL JPHiP ARTISTS!)

April 26, 2012, 06:41:33 AM by daigong
ChrNo Remembrance year later  :jphip:

On April 26, 2011 - one year ago today we lost a great HiPster in ChrNo to suicide. The French girl whose puns, illustrations, song and positive attitude made JPH!P a fun place to be in, the void still stings but we shall take the pain into a lifelong tribute.

There was one most obvious way we could think of...


Let us design shirts based on the JPHiP emoticon mascot guy envisioned by ChrNo. For example, I took the smiley version and mosaic'd it like so:

and created this shirt:

with a ChrNo <3 text on the back. GET it at


please note

  • Only elements which are part of the final design should be included: All elements which should not appear in the design, such as backgrounds, should first be removed before submission.
  • Save pixel designs as .jpg, .gif, .png, or .bmp
  • Size of pixel designs: max. 10 MB and min. 200 dpi (buttons: 400 dpi)
  • Pixel designs may not exceed 3000 x 3000 pixels

submit to daigong by PM or just post it here!!
All proceeds ($3.10 per shirt) will go to Mental Health Awareness charities based in France and worldwide:

We won't skirt the issues. We accept people of all types of backgrounds and are treated the same way. Many of us still can't grasp nor understand how we lost ChrNo so let us bring forth awareness of Mental Health issues, as it remains relatively hidden from mainstream recognition and there is a lingering stigma that continues to pervade attitudes toward mental health.

We look to raise money in support of mental health as well as open up discussion about Mental Health.

She is at peace now, watching over us. Always remember you, mon amie.


One Love.

The JPHiP Crack Staff.
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grin ChrNo H!P Captions

June 10, 2011, 05:52:11 AM by daigong
ChrNo H!P Captions

Here is a collection of Hello! Project Captions that ChrNo did over at JPM (Jpopmusic Forums) as h20 - carefully collected by her man, sh15uya - to just HOW HILARIOUS she was. and this is OLD SCHOOL btw, like before her Berryz fandom so lotsa Hello! Morning skits and such:

here is just a taste.

LMFAO!! some of them are so to the core. oh poor Risa jokes and Aibon and Nono overeating. THOSE WAS THE GOLDEN ERA!! Fuck ChrNo you the funny.


(more after "the jump") and on picroda
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ChrNo's 1st AlbumChrNo's 1st Album

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President of the Tama-chan Fanclub

ChrNo's sig
You can see her works in her blog:

We continue to honour her by singing Za Story of Noisy HiPstaz and supporting Berryz / Buono to the fullest. More threads can be found in the...