[jphip] subs TEAM!

The Subbing Cru that's special to JPH!P's heart because they help us better understand the files we hustle. Subbing whatever we feel like! Translators still needed like whoa.

JPHiP's First Sub - Rika Hello Morning Grad Skit May 2005

Position(s): Japanese & Korean to English translator. Any other roles.
Group: [jphip]
Project(s): various Japanese and Korean music, variety videos; scanlations, articles.
IRC Channel: #JPH!P @ spacetronix.net
IRC Contact: Masa, daigong or any of the OPs
E-Mail: admin(at)jphip.net (or just PM an Admin)

If you would like to join please reply to this thread in the forum. Meanwhile...meet THE TEAM!

Meet the Subcru - Logo by boykun

Translators Japanese Amplifier, Ayabie, Estrea, Fenrir, maliciel, Slack, twissie Spanish Rei-chan blog rokun, Slack, ~Dan~, diav, Estrea

Timers/Editor/Quality/Encoders adventwriter, chaz9891, Miki IV, pikapikapika, Saikami and those listed above

Banner by boykun