When we created The PIEHOLE thread...there began the lifting of elements from The Jungle.

Learn from Rika sensei!

As we created the forum and the corresponding IRC channel, these lexicons blew up. The catchphrases, the slang, the inside jokes. Finally we got off our collective asses and collected terms from falalala to Virginal Angel to Assplosion, so get ready to take a Wicked Yes and learn the language of Teh HiP You learn something new everyday

* * *

555 - Thai for lol


AiButt - (1) nickname for Ai Takahashi's butt. as coined by rev2hd aka Dinny. (2) Name of her fans, Team AiButt (3) Screamed to her face by members of JPH!P (4) Website aibutt.com

AKA - short for Also Known As

amsturbate (invented in Amsterdam) - euphemism for masturbation

arian - awesome, cool, wonderful, etc.

    used in a sentence: wow, that is so arian! I must have it!

A.S.S. - After School Sluts<3 thanks to Sev da man.

assplode - common reaction to someone/something that makes your ass explode.

AYA FM (1) A radio show about AYA (2) short for ARE YOU A FUCKING MORON


Ballerina - [bawl-er-ee-na] (alternately, Baller-ina): a female who exhibits baller qualities. in short: a female baller. usage: Rei-chan just met the president of the Dominican Republic, she's such a ballerina!

beefcake - a muscular shirtless guy doing bodybuidling poses. A man featured in the Manlove Forum.

blend - a form of abuse/torture. As popularized by KoolKat. * KoolKat blends ice

block - a collection of two or more songs in succession as coined by all the good folks at JPHiP Radio

Bomba - tagalog (Filipino) for porn

Brushing teeth - euphemism for wanking


carp! - when Jabronisaur kept typing crap wrong, Ericks made a script that replied <'>>><

chesticles - aka man boobs. as popularized by Maki Kanatsu

chichaito - drink to order in Puerto Rico for good times

CHOUhomo - Very homo, the opposite of (no homo). As popularized by the Odango, tenkei, and Kuno_Thunder - hosts of TOK on JPHiP Radio see (no homo)

chucks his norris - euphemism for wanking. as popularized by SITS

Chuuch - pimping terminology Something sacred, keeping God in your life. As used in Tha Chuuch of Charmy (est. 1985). Popularized by The Arch Bishop Magic Don Juan and Snoop Dogg. No matter how successful I become, I must 'member to always chuuch.

circle jerk - A masturbation party where a group of people stand in a circle and wank. See #JPH!P @ SpaceTronix for more. as popularized by Stryfe and Chancha

connect - a drug supplier, usually delivers in bulk

coqui- (1) small frogs endemic to the archipelago of Puerto Rico (2) the mutant army that answers the door for Rei-chan and intimidate ppl

corn porn - The act of sticking corn up some one's ass or other region. See RLD.

C.R.E.A.M. - Cash Rules Everything Around Me as popularized by Wu-Tang Clan


d-girl - dickgirl, a girl with a penis. Based on makistar's popular fanfic "She's DA MAN!!"


e-penis - post count (as popularized by shirenu?)

epic - (adj.) excellent [established] Variations: Epik

Eriens - The fans who love the funny, cute and weird nature of Kamei Eri. (term coined by DO Me DO Me)

eeeeerrrrr! - (interjection) correction on the fly. Verbal acknowledgement of incorrect word choice while in the moment.

E-Town - Edmonton

Eskimo Toilet - aka Frozenthrone


Falala - light-hearted singing randomly used usually by shirenu. In caps (FALALA) it means that shi is trying to distract people.

Fanypack - refers to Fanybutt aka Tiffany's butt, of Girls' Generation. As popularized by Fenrir

faptastic, fapalicious - (adj.) something/someone that is very wankable. as popularized by Sexy Beam. Variations: fapbulous, fapahashi, faptastico, faptastipo, fapazing.

Fluffle - something a Fluffer does - playful affectionate activity as popularized by Ericks

Flyp, Pull a - To declare you're leaving for the night, but constantly come back to the chat anyways


gangsta - To quote Ice Cube: "...somebody who is gonna live his life by his own rules, not letting nobody stop em or dictate what they gon do in life..."

geisha float - a blow job. as popularized in San Francisco by shuji

GJ - good job

gool - mixing good and cool. as popularized by Rei-chan on Hello! Ongaku Episode #104 05-10-2008

E-Town - Edmonton


Heating up spaghetti - euphemism for masturbation

helicopter - "When you swing your penis around in a circle and make the noise of a helicopter." "The act of slapping someone's face from right to left with your erect penis." "when a man can take his flaccid penis in one hand and be long enough to have extra, which he rotates. This gives the propellor affect. This can also be done with no hands, but is a tad more difficult and for the advanced only, as it requires flexible hips."

HiP - 1. short for JPHiP. 2. Ass

HiPster - Pronunciation: 'hip-st&r
Function: noun
Etymology: hip

  1. a person who is unusually aware of and interested in new and unconventional patterns (as in jazz or the use of stimulants, ex. crack, cognac, chronic)
  2. a style of women's underwear. See Ladylove Forum.
  3. a member of JPH!P Forum @ JPHiP.com chiefly Gangsta variant of HiPsta Variations: HiPsters, HiPstaz, jph!pstuhz, JPHiPPa's (as coined by meowchi)

H!O - Hello! Ongaku, radio show of Ongaku! Project (see O!P) First aired on 2005.02.26

HHHROCKIN - Rockin but better. As popularized by tenkei under the influence of Odango's KPop luv.

Hussle - alt. Hustle. 1. the art of getting the better end of a deal, through the use of great skill and by any means necessary. 2. What a hustler do


ill - to have skillz. to be chill. My ride is ill. We illin'


JPH!P Legend - (n.) memorable member of the forum aka marimari

joygasm - A moment of joy that is intense. It has NOTHING to do with sex or an orgasm.

Junks - (n.) male or female genitals. also can be used to describe extra cushion in an ass.


Kamster - AKA Kamei Eri, due to her witty unpredictable talent. She can go from super innocent to scheming mischieveous. Look for her Shameless facts. As popularized by .:meowchi:.

The Kei of JPH!P - Mal aka Mali aka Maliciel

kilig - Tagalog meaning to feel nervous, to have the heart beat fast, to run around the church. Sandara park was kileg

kkangpae nyun - Korean for gangsta bitch ex. O_sLaVe


Ladydays - having a period. as popularized by shirenu

Lo-Cal - (n.) - San Diego, a San Diego (or area) resident; see also 'Bolt' 'Swap Meet' [from certain San Diego callers' to be called 'So-Cal,' by virtue of its association with Los Angeles and its environs; affected by 'lo-cal' as shortening for 'low calorie' and 'lower California'


marimari - a consummate Risa-fanboy, and a helluva good friend.

M.A.S.A. - Men Against Sexual Assault

Midget - (n.) Mari Yaguchi, for her height.

Miki-sama is a Virginal Angel - a humorous campaign started by shirenu, tama-chan and others to counterattack Miki Molester stuff. People made signatures to support the campaign. Awesome! PS. It's still not too late to join!!

Mowing the lawn - euphemism for wanking. See Nozomi Sasaki


No-Cal - (n.) - Northern California, Northern Californian

no homo - Phrase used after one inadvertently says something that sounds gay. usage: His ass is mine. No homo. or 'no homo but we cockin' em' - Juelz Santana

Nyaaaa~ :3 - Miichan's greeting to let you know of her wallpapers thread


omgass - Pronunciation: 'OH-ma-GAWS. like omg. Oh Em Gee. an expression used by HiPSters. Spoken in a deep funny accent. as popularized by Rex Navarette. alt. omagass, omgaws (sp?)

Ongaku! Project (O!P) - To quote the O!P Website (http://ongakuproject.net) "Here you'll find fanmixes done by H!P fans from all around the world, as well as our radio show, Hello! Ongaku, covering artists from the Hello! Project and beyond."

orsm - The word "awesome" said with an Australian accent.


Peg Sheety - Winnipeg

penis popper - (n.) a particular moment spurred on by sexual desire that causes the penis to literally pop due to the acceleration of erection. That's a penis popper

piehole - mouth

Pimp - (adj. v. n.) the way of life at JPH!P. alt. Pimpage, Pimping

  1. A person who exploits women to perform sexual favors for clients and benefits financially. He's my pimp
  2. A person who is popular with women. She's a PIMP
  3. Something that is trendy or hip. That's pimpin
  4. To promote something with exaggeration. I be pimpin this shit
  5. To enhance something with exaggerated accessories. That ride is pimped out

Pinoy Powerhouse - The contingent of HiPstaz from The Philippines. From Manila to Winnipeg, they're everywhere.

pity post - post in a thread with no replies, sometimes no views. as shirenu states "like pity fuck, but without stds"

P.T.A. - short for Pervy Thinkers Association


quack - The sound a duck makes.

QUE CAJONES! - Puerto Rican spanish WHAT BALLS! The nerve! Something to yell at someone when they cut you off. As popularized by Rei-chan


rick rolled - var. rik roll’d to be tricked into clicking a link of a Rick Astley video. Click here.

Rika <3 - This is a secret code word that if you put in your signature, gives you access to hidden sections of the forum. Summoning call for Rika-fans.

rikalicious - a tasty piece of ass. as popularized by drifoy


shirenu - synonyms XD

short shorts - Shorts that just cover the ass aka the greatest invention since the thong aka hot pants

slanging - the act of selling drugs

smackhimwitadick - sort of like trouting. See trouting.

snstd - (1) The craze known as Girls Generation aka SNSD. Korean Girl Group. Caught in a phase, it's just a craze or will this be around forever. Another Mint & Mira? Stay tuned :P (2) Korean std. The Clap. Crabs. It's a V.D. Day.

SoCal - Southern California

Socko - nickname for Sugaya Risako, Berryz Kobo member, as popularized by Popcorn Joe

Soonk - short for Tsunku, Hello! Project producer.

Spit HOT FIRE! - to deliver lyrics with extreme rapid precision. As popularized on Chappelle Show.

stranger - sit on your hand, wait till it gets numb, and masturbate


The Ts - for their love of Takahashi Ai and well you know.

  • T1 = Thimas
  • T2 = tivx
  • T3 = Tettekete

Tablazo - Puerto Rican Spanish word for fuck

Tae - tagalog (Filipino) for shit

take my meds - a euphenism for "wank off angrilly" in SoCal speak. As popularized by tenkei.

teabagging - to dip your nutsack into someone's mouth without them knowing

Thunderthighs - (n.) as in the legs of Eri Kamei

tidbits - interesting useless facts about an idol or something, as popularized by tama-chan and Redturtle

TOZ - short for thatonezombie

trouting - (usage in) JPH!P Chatroom. The art of using the Slap! function when you get out of line. Usually used by a Op (Mod). * KoolKat slaps daigong around a bit with a large trout

Tweeker - One that stays up till early late nite hours, 3 - 4 am and calls talk radio shows or posts on a message board. Also, a meth addict.


udderly - (v.) describing large breasts i.e. similar to a cows

unga bunga - butt fucking as popularized by Kuno_Thunder's tale


The Voice (of H!O) - suki*-chan ;D


wack - terrible, something that sucks. Being a chump. That's wack

Wankity Wank Wank (WWW) - to masturbate. Name of this forum for a week in August 2005. Tom_Green's original username.

wonkylove - the love for reina tanaka (term coined by wordsworth)

Writer's block - Frequently used by fanfic writers to signal a masturbation break


XXX - porn. Part of the name of this forum in early 2005. Pronunciation: Triple X


yaywhoosugaricecreamduckies - something a Duckie says randomly, out of excitement. as popularized by Princess Pudding

your face - a dis as popularized by tama-chan. Example: Person: "This bag of peanuts sucks." You: "Your face sucks."


ziggurat - a bug, usually sacrificed to the gods by stepping on, RAID, or farts :P