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Hello!Ongaku Project
The Ongaku!Project
- check out Hello!Ongaku Radio Show!!

I Love Tama(3) (4)
Its All About Yul tumblr WORLD'S HOTTEST Yuri worshipper tamatron

Focusing on Asian and Asian American entertainers
A brand new site that aims to bring you the latest news in the Asian and Asian American entertainment world!

Gaming Convention! Infinite Bits
Infinite Bits is South Florida's first major video game convention run by Sexy Beam + dj Kaos is proof Rika fangirls are HOT! They are Adult Film Stars!

AIBUTT <3 - for all your AiButt Needs
A Part of The Buttocks Ring

aewen momusu pic uploader by aewen

She'll Stuff You in Her Trunk!
Velocity Motoring
- Fenrir's wheels

Check out Ange slap some ass
SayAnge's cosplay group based out of Chile
Plus SaeYaka Paradise, her AKB48 blog.

Girls Generation site from Thailand! SoShiFanclub

So Nyuh Shi Dae Fansite - run by O_sLaVe's friend Cindy

Hello! to H!P Fans in Taiwan

PimpWolf REPPIN!
Heaven for Hitomi Yoshizawa fans by almond, Kimuuu, Hide & TheKueken
- Q's racing and mod club

Aozora - an Unofficial Ai Takashai fansite
Stryfe's Ai Takahashi site

~Dan~ made Tsunku - Real Ultimate Power! in 2 seconds XD

Random Thoughts, Music Reviews, DJ Mixes, Remixes
Remix and Thoughts BLOG by OpsMonkey

taste teh fun-kie ranebo w/ teh nandake drop
Entertainment BLOG headed up by boykun + Ping, with articles written by local HiPstaz

breakfast time
boykun's wallpaper

- Chancha's hello!project + morning musume wallpapers from overseas

Everything Eririn
Everything Eririn
- An Unofficial English Eri Kamei fansite by DO Me DO Me

shirenu's EGGS site.

ebc scanmaster
ebc's Photobook Gallery

Ping ruling the airwaves
Ping's site featuring his radio podcast

IiNihon, the J-Rock wiki!

arrowisland's icon community reignicons

drifoy's blog 100% wonkyfied

Ice Princess's musicrakuen