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xx Rest In Peace, Fushigidane

September 17, 2013, 09:25:06 AM by shirenuファクトリー

This is Fushigidane, real name Veera. She passed away at the end of August according to messages on her personal Facebook page. She was a 20 years old awesome Finnish girl.

I can only speak for myself, so this is my story of Fushi as a friend and person to those who didn't know her, or only knew her from a few posts.
I first met Fushi in person when she came to meet many of us in Helsinki for the Hangry&Angry gig in 2010. She was this bright, random, energetic girl that I instantly took a liking to and immediately found really easy to talk to and joke around with. To me, this kind of person is incredibly rare, a special gem.

Later that year I made an impulsive decision to go see Morning Musume at the Paris Japan Expo. Fushi was also interested, so we ended up going together. I couldn't have asked for a better travelling buddy. The thing is, everyone who's read my trip report will know that it was an absolute mess. Every time me and Fushi tried to get to our hotel (in the middle of nowhere - my fault) we got lost for several hours. At the Momusu concert, Fushi started to feel sick because of messed up blood sugar levels and missed most of it. We lined up overnight for tickets to a MM autograph event and didn't get any. We were cold and tired and got fucked over by the expo, and there was a bomb scare at the airport before our return flight. If I wasn't with Fushi I probably would've gone mad from all the things that went wrong, or would still be lost somewhere on the outskirts of Paris... But her great sense of humour, super chilled attitude and just warm friendliness kept us both going and laughing at all the things that went wrong. (I still hate Paris, though.)

You may recognize her from one of our banner pics...

This spring I went to Tokyo and met Fushi there. It had been years since we last met, but she hadn't changed at all. Well, except in appearance cuz she got hot. :P I was so happy to be able to share a great Morning Musume concert experience her, since our last one in Paris wasn't that successful. We convinced each other to get really expensive seats near the stage ufufuf. Unfortunately we later missed out on one last chance to meet because Fushi overslept. She was bummed, saying it would again be years till we'd get to meet again. But I suppose it will be much longer than that.

Fushi after a Morning Musume concert with her Reina shirt on. She LOVED Reina :3

Chrno and Fushi in Paris... RIP both awesome girls.

As a final note, could I just ask a favour from all of you sweet friends of mine. Please, please take care of yourself. Whether you're hurting physically or mentally, tell someone, seek help. If you have an illness, an allergy, a special condition, let people around you know because that information could save your life one day. Don't do this just for yourself, but for everyone you love and who loves you. I do not know how or why Fushi died, but at 20 years old, she deserved another chance. So please, take care everyone; look after yourself and each other. This is my humble request.

Rest in peace, Veera. Thanks for being a part of my life.

Original post:

Dear friends, I have some bad news

I've just checked Fushigidane's facebook page and it appears she has passed away at the end of August. I don't know how and I guess that part isn't even important.

Rest in peace Veera :heart:
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xx WEirD THReaD 1444 lol Sweden :D

August 21, 2010, 10:47:22 PM by Fushigidane
coz he hadn't seen it
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